Bovine Colostrum – Natures Best Kept Secret

Bovine colostrum is a supplement that is not widely known in the community. In the age of superfoods and health supplements, only a few people know the amazing benefits of colostrum powder making it natures best-kept secret! Here at KORE skincare, we believe that inner beauty is the key to outer beauty, so bovine colostrum powder benefits your inner health and outer beauty!

What is Bovine Colostrum?

While the benefits may be easily explained, it can be difficult to fully understand what bovine colostrum is. Colostrum, in general, is the first milk that all mammals produce after giving birth. The composition of colostrum differs from that of milk produced later on in lactation. Bovine colostrum, therefore, is the first milk from cows after giving birth.

KORE Colostrum powder is a supplement that is a concentrated form of bovine colostrum. The powder allows you to get the benefits from bovine colostrum without the hassle of storing and sourcing fresh colostrum. The convenience and the health benefits are major factors for sourcing KORE colostrum powder.

Here are the ways that bovine colostrum powder can improve your health!

Natural Benefits of Bovine Colostrum

Boosted Immunity

Many studies have shown that bovine colostrum powder benefits the immune system and increases the body’s ability to fight infection. Immunoglobulin concentrations (proteins that boost the immune system) are bout 100-fold higher in bovine colostrum than in mature milk and are critical for immunity and immune defence systems. The increased number of antibodies present in bovine colostrum means that the human body can acquire these antibodies and have boosted immunity against a range of viruses, bacteria and infections. This helps prevent illness equip our immune system with the ability to overcome illness quickly.

Gut Health

KORE colostrum powder is a great supplement for improving and boosting overall gut health! It is suggested that bovine colostrum has direct antimicrobial neutralizing effects other bioactivities that decrease gut inflammation and tissue repair. Not only is this beneficial for an already healthy gut, but can help repair existing damage that may be present within the gut.

Muscle and Bone Health

Growth hormones are highly present in colostrum powder. Groth hormones allow the body to repair muscles to aid growth when used in conjunction with exercise. A study from the University of Delaware found that those using colostrum powder in conjunction with exercise had more muscle gain than those using whey protein powder. The growth hormones combined with the levels of protein in bovine colostrum promotes muscle and bone growth. The nutrients needed to promote muscle and bone repair can also be found in KORE colostrum powder.

KORE Colostrum

Here at KORE Skincare, we are passionate about the health of our customers. We believe that an important factor of beauty is your inner health and wellbeing. We know that bovine colostrum powder benefits the overall health of our customers. That is why we provide high-quality KORE colostrum powder!

Don’t wait for your inner health to improve on its own, take action today. You can begin improving your immunity, gut health and muscle growth today by visiting our online store. You can find more information on our website

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