KORE Skincare is an Australian company focused on producing luxury skin care products.

KORE identified that there was a need for a natural skincare that would absorb deep within the epidermis. A product that would stimulate and rejuvenate the skin’s own defense system against premature signs of aging. KORE has investigated the use of natural ingredients, based on scientific research, resulting in the development of  ‘KORE Complex™’.

What is the Kore Complex?

Kore Complex is a unique blend of bovine colostrum, peptides, plant phospholipids, natural polysaccharides and vegetable proteins, designed to protect, and at the same time, boost the skin’s own defenses stimulating collagen and fibroblast production.
The individual components of Kore Complex work synergistically to provide an overall improvement in the skin’s health and texture in both the dermal epidermal layers, improving surface physical appearance.

KORE Complex™  is a unique and exclusive feature of all KORE Skincare products. 

KORE Skincare is:

  • Australian Made
  • Quality Assured
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Safe to use
  • Harmful chemical and Paraben free
  • No form of animal testing.


All KORE Skincare is manufactured in Australia according to Australian Standards and have passed the International Ingredient Safety Evaluation to Australian/ EU/ U.S.A Standards collectively. 

KORE Skincare is developed in a certified TGA Approved licenced premises.

Quality Assurance:

Each product batch is tested and delivered with Microbiologic and Certificates of Analysis reports.

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