Austin Hospital thanks Kore Skincare

With overwhelming circumstances leading to jam-packed days that can be mentally and physically exhausting, the ICU staff along with the rest of the hospital have been working extremely hard to care for our patients during these difficult times. 

    Healthcare workers put their lives at risk every day to treat our community and ensure the safety of patients, making the physical and mental
      health of our ICU staff paramount to ensuring that they can continue to come to work to provide the care that the community both expects and deserves.

      Ron Yates and Kore Skincare wanted to commemorate the hard and risky work healthcare workers and professionals conduct every day to keep us all safe by donating Kore Skincare hand creams.

      “Your generous donations make our shifts a little bit easier by putting a smile on our face and also helping us improve our skin from wearing our personal protective equipment (PPE), particularly when we are so busy!” writes Tayla Booth on behalf of the Austin Team to thank Ron Yates and Kore Skincare.

      Below you can find the letter sent to the Kore Skincare team from Austin Health Hospital, thanking them for their generosity and goodwill.
The Austin ICU Wellness Special Interest Group Have thanked Ron Yates and the staff of Kore Skincare for their generous donation of hand creams to the ICU staff of Austin Hospital during this year’s difficult COVID-19 pandemic.
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