It is important to us that you know what ingredients we use and how they are all beneficial to you. Our simple glossary breaks down our skincare ingredients and how they work best for your skin.

Bovine Colostrum: The very first liquid supplied by the mother cow to its calf following birth, Consists of all known amino acids and proteins, and has growth factors the same as humans. Modern medicine has re-discovered colostrum, using it to treat a range of conditions including increasing healing and skin cell synthesis to help alleviate a number of skin complaint symptoms.

CM-Glucan (Sodium Carboxymethyl Betaglucan): A water-soluble derivative of yeast is one of the natural ingredients which helps to enhance the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress induced by UVA radiation. It stimulates the skin’s own defence system.

MPC Liposomes (Whey protein and Phospholipids): Plant phospholipids are natural substances that contain fatty acids and glycerol. Plant phospholipids are completely compatible with the natural lipids found in epidermal layers of the skin.
As skin cells die in the natural process of keratinisation, the balance is upset, and needs to be restored in order to regenerate. Plant phospholipids help balance and restore new cell regeneration and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Natural Polysaccharides (sugars & gums) Polysaccharides activate white blood cells known as macrophages and neutrophils, which recognise and remove cellular debris resulting from oxidative damage. Removal speeds up recovery of damaged cell tissue and further activate other components of the immune system.

Pentaviton This ingredient is known as the ‘moisture magnet’ that binds the keratinocytes in the skin. Keratinocytes play a role in immune system function. The skin is the first line of defence, and keratinocytes serve as a barrier between an organism and its environment. In addition to preventing toxins and pathogens from entering an organism’s body preventing loss of moisture, heat, and other important constituents of the body.

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