Read About the history and scientific benefits of Bovine Colostrum – the base ingredient in our skincare. 

Our original company became the first to scientifically evaluate the benefits of using Bovine Colostrum as the base ingredient in luxury skin care products.

The History!

The ingredient Colostrum was used in Ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphic texts on the temple architecture show the COW GODDESS suckling COLOSTRUM to the Pharaoh.

An example of this is in the Temple Horus in Edfu. Colostrum was seen as an immortal ingredient for ever lasting strength and healing of the body.
Queen Cleopatra was known to use our secret ingredient Colostrum, this is why her skin was so luminous and radiant.

Physicians from India have also long known the medical benefits of colostrum’s properties, having used it for both physical and spiritual healing for over 2000 years. Thousands of miles away, Scandinavians traditionally celebrated the birth of calves with a health enhancing pudding made from Colostrum.

By the late 18th century, Western medicine started to take an interest in colostrum for its potential health benefits. As a consequence, it began to be prescribed for several purposes, including immune system enhancement and for fighting bacterial infections. It was still popular for use in this way until the development of penicillin and other artificial antibiotics in the 20th century.

In 1950, Dr. Albert Sabin, who eventually went on to develop the world’s most successful Polio Vaccine, found that Bovine Colostrum contained antibodies to Polio and therefore recommended the use of Colostrum for susceptible children. Another popular use of Colostrum in the 1950s was for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

There have now been over 2000 scientific articles published that document the safety and efficacy of using colostrum to treat a wide range of conditions. This perfect foodstuff has also been shown to be non-species specific, with Bovine Colostrum being equally useful and side effect free for many mammal species.

Results obtained from the above evaluation further advancements were achieved which involved synergically combining bovine colostrum with a variety of major anti-ageing peptides, natural plant phospholipids, and polysaccharides with concentrated fruit and vegetable proteins now known and trademarked as the Kore Complex™.

Although other companies throughout the world now realise the enormous skin rejuvenation and healing benefits of Bovine colostrum their theory of simply adding colostrum to non-active outdated formulations has proven to be unrewarding.
As you learn our secret in KORE you will come to know the difference in you!

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