pH balance. A term that has been branded around in advertisements for years, but what exactly does it mean? To avoid finding ourselves back in chemistry class, we’ll explain simply what a pH balance actually means for our skin.

The letters ‘pH’ stand for ‘potential of hydrogen’ on the pH scale. 0 is the most acidic (think battery acid) with 14 the most alkaline (think drain cleaner) – 7, the pH of water, is neutral.

For optimum health our skin requires a balance between alkaline and acidity. The ‘acid mantle’ is the skin’s protective barrier sealing moisture in whilst defending against bacterial and environmental toxins. It is made up of lactic and amino acids. In order for our acid mantle to work at its best it should be slightly acidic with a 5.5 pH balance.

When your skin is at its most optimum, it looks bright and your make-up applies effortlessly. When the skin is too acidic or too alkaline it can be prone to blemishes, feel dry and uncomfortable, sensitive or sore.

If your skin is too alkaline it may be more prone to sun damage and premature ageing. One of the common culprits of alkalinity in the skin is when the skin is washed with a bar of soap. Have you ever experienced that tight, dry feeling after cleansing with soap? Alkalinity of the skin is the cause.

Switch to KORE Foaming Cleanser right away. Another tip to achieve the perfect balance is to use your KORE Pearl Revitalising Toner regularly, not only does it refresh the face but it also supports the skin’s pH balance.

Start from the inside by introducing vegetable juice cleanses to balance your inner pH and switch to snacking on raw food.

Eating alkaline foods will balance the body which will allow the blood to absorb more oxygen and aid digestion. Try some of the foods in the KORE ‘Face diet’ as a starting point.

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