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The best moisturisers use a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients that work hard to hydrate, restore and stimulate the skin. Each of the KORE skin moisturisers is created specifically to target the skin’s hydration needs throughout the day and night.

The KORE day moisturisers hydrate and work to protect your skin from daily exposure. The Pearl Restorative Day Concentrate is formulated with calmosensine, which stimulates melatonin production for UV protection.

Everyday exposure may damage the skin and cause it to become tired and dry. The KORE night moisturisers work to repair and revitalise skin while you sleep. The Pearl Recovery Night Concentrate formula uses vitamin E and shea butter to moisturise, increase capillary circulation, cool the skin and work to delay the onset of premature aging. All of our skin moisturises use a scientifically proven formula that is perfect for hydrating all skin types.