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  • KORE Foaming Cleanser


    The KORE Foaming Cleanser is a gentle, yet thorough cleanse that removes makeup and pollutants without dryness. It is safe to use around the eye area and contains ingredients which help boost the skin’s production of collagen whilst enhancing cell renewal resulting in fresher, revitalised skin. Recommended for dry and most combination skin including, mature,…

  • KOREKARE Repairing Hand Cream


    KORE KARE Repairing Hand Cream specifically formulated to address signs of aging on the back of hands such appearance being colour disorder, sunspots, wrinkles, dry cuticles and brittle nails. The healing powers of Alpha Tocopherol combined with Sodium Hyaluronate maximises the water content within the skin surface whist, reducing the formulation of free radical damage…

  • KORE Cleansing Bar


      The KORE Cleansing Bar is a luxury Syndet bar.  It is soap free and blended with ingredients to protect and moisturise your skin leaving it clean, smooth and soft. It is perfect for babies and can be used for a variety of skin conditions, including Atopic Dermatitis/Eczematous lesions. It is Paraben free and is…

  • KORE PEARL Revitalising Toner


    Invigorating and refreshing, KORE Pearl Revitalising Toner is an essential part of your daily skincare routine. This exclusive formula promotes skin elasticity, removes impurities and smoothes wrinkles. KORE Pearl Revitalising Toner contains plant phospholipids, and vegetable proteins that rejuvenate, repair and nourish the skin improving health and appearance. A nourishing blend of natural fruit AHAs…


  • I have been using a combination of the Pearl Cleanser, the Pearl Day Concentrate and the Repairing Hand Cream for the past month and have found my skin responded really well. It feels refreshed, moisturised and beautiful! They are fantastic products – my husband tried them and thinks they are great too. I am looking to add the toner and exfoliator really soon. Cheers!


  • I have started using the Kore “Optimal Repair Cream’ and in this short time i have been fortunate enough to have experienced a noticeable difference in the look and feel of my skin. I have suffered from acne outbreaks over the years and have been left with thick scarring on my chin and forehead. I have tried many products in hope that i could try and diminish the visible blemishes and finally for the first time, i can say that i am seeing results. My skin is less pigmented, softer and the scar indentations are actually finer. I feel that this product is assisting my skin cell rejuvenation and am excited to see the progress in my skin repair. I am definitely starting to feel more confident in my own skin.


  • The KORE starter pack is fantastic! It’s a great way to sample these products to find your favorites. A little goes a long way so they last for months! It’s a great introduction to these amazing products. Perfect size for traveling too! My fav is the spray on toner….. How easy & refreshing!


  • This foaming cleanser is definitely one of the best cleanser product I’ve tried. The results of the cleansing is clearly visible with smoother skin tone. Also it is an Australian made Product which is always a plus!


  • I am an older lady and use this product everyday. I have been using it for a good few years now and recommend it to all my friends. I find the pack great value as it has everything I need and top up on the products as required. Great value for money and the products last a while. Love the new website but nice to see it’s still simple to use and usually pleasing. Keep up the good work!!


  • After using KORE repairing eye cream for several weeks, the results are astonishing. My wrinkle lines have become less noticeable, the skin around my eyes feel so soft! Thank you KORE for the great product


  • After 3 weeks of using the facial skin care products not only have I noticed an improvement in my mature age skin but my peeling and brittle finger nails are no longer…they have become harder and I am now able to grow more length. An added bonus of which I am truly happy about. Applying the creams on my face has also strengthened my nails. Thank you Kore.