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It’s no secret that taking care of your skin- the biggest organ of your body- is vital. A good skincare routine helps the skin look more youthful, makes it stronger against external factors and boosts self-confidence. However, skincare can only be as good as the products you’re using and good, high-quality products that are safe and effective may not be the easiest to come across, especially if you have sensitive skin needs or require skincare for problem areas. The use of quality products is vital- similar to the benefits of healthy food -quality skin-care ingredients help your skin. A morning skincare routine with quality grade products preps the skin from environmental damages and helps fight the effects of aging: such as wrinkles and sunspots. KORE Skincare Australia’s value packs provide a solution to these skincare needs, with their high quality, customized skin treatment and home regiment that can benefit all types of skin! These skincare value packs are available online and you can browse through our Kore Skincare range to find out what products suit you the best! Some skincare items our team at Kore Skincare recommends from our skincare value packs are as follows:

    • KORE Pearl Hand and Skin Repairing Duo: A fast-acting uniquely advanced formulation which removes grime and bacteria while revitalizing the skin.
    • Royal Pamper Collection: a limited-edition trio which includes a KORE Foaming Cleanser, which will gently remove makeup and impurities; a KORE Repairing Eye Cream which contains a unique blend of highly concentrated ingredients to firm and lift the eye contour reducing, expression lines, dark circles and puffiness; and a KORE Restorative Day Cream that will help prevent visible signs of skin damage due to ageing, sun exposure and lifestyle factors.
    • KORE Essential Routine Collection: a collection designed to maintain your skin to a healthy physical condition, inclusive of a Pearl Foaming Cleanser, Pearl Gentle Exfoliator, Pearl Revitalising Toner and a Pearl Optimal Repair Cream.
    • KORE Pearl Advanced Routine Collection:
    • a collection designed for moderate to severe photo-aged skin resulting from the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements or lifestyle. The KORE Pearl product range is designed for all skin types especially those who have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts.
    • KORE Pearl Complete Collection: An economical opportunity to buy and try the entire Kore range. A box full of goodies ranging from serums and creams to masks and exfoliators.

    Kore Skincare value packs are made mindfully- giving people easy access to perfectly paired products, allotted to skincare routine kits that’ll improve the quality of your skin health. For more recommendations and to get all the latest Kore Skincare news, tips and tricks to nurture glowing, radiant and dewy skin, check out the KORE Skincare homepage.

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