Why use Skin Care?

Good skincare is one of life’s essentials for both women and men. It is so important to look after your skin, not just on your face, but on your neck, chest, hands and feet. In the early stages of life, during puberty, you will mostly focus on your face, then gradually you will need to move to your neck and chest. This early action will make a significant impact on your skin’s future health and create good habits where prevention and protection will be key. I believe the six most important products in addition to a good sun screen are:
  1. A good cleanser to remove makeup and pollutants without dryness, we suggest the KORE Pearl Foaming Cleanser
  2. A gentle exfoliator with repairing and rejuvenating ingredients that work to reduce and prevent skin damage. We suggest the KORE Pearl Gentle Exfoliator.
  3. A hydrating moisturiser to restore and stimulate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We suggest the KORE Pearl Optimal Repair Cream
  4. A mask to re-balance, regenerate and renew the skin. We suggest the KORE Pearl Rejuvenation Mask
  5. An hydrating intensive serum to protect the skin from free radical damage such as UV light and pollution and to hydrate and improve the skins elasticity. We suggest the KORE Pearl Intensive Serum
  6. Eye cream to firm and lift the eye contour reducing expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. We suggest the KORE Repairing Eye Serum.
By taking care of your skin early you can ensure that it will look its best always throughout the years making you look lovely and fresh no matter what age you may be.
Yours in beauty,
KORE Skincare

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