1. When should I start to use this product?

There is no set age to commence an anti-ageing skincare regimen.

Our skin has a natural built in repairing mechanism which turns over new skin every 28 days.

In general the early 20's age group have a plump healthy skin condition due to levels of collagen production which decreases as we move into our 30 and most certainly the 40's.

The major objective is to prolong that plump high collagen skin condition by ensuring that the new skin 28 day renewable time circle is not disrupted this is achieved by physically cleansing away dead and dried out skin cells, unblocking skin pores weekly using a gentle exfoliator.

Early signs of ageing can be due to excessive exposure to the sun and other weather conditions known as (photo-aging) replenish moisture and oil levels daily with an active day moisturiser that contains natural oils.


What are Expression Lines?

Expression lines can be mistaken for early signs of premature ageing.

Simply put, expression line become visible when you use an emotional muscle in your face.

Frown lines, everyone has them, from a very early age some expression lines even have titles, smile lines are called dimples.

Sleep lines are predominant early mornings after a good night sleep the facial position on a pillow can cause a wrinkle mainly between the eyes and around the eyes.

Expression line are part of your beauty and can be quite positively unique keeping your skin moisturised improves elasticity giving your skin bounce back memory so these wrinkles only appear as you use your facial emotion muscles.