Are All Kore Skincare products produced in Australian?

All Kore Skincare products are manufactured in Sydney by TGA approved licensed premises. The production plant operates in alliance with Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, are ISO 22716 certificated have occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in place and receive annual audits by SGS.



Does the company Kore Skincare have foreign ownership?

Kore Skincare Australia is a wholly owned Australian company with the original
founder remaining an active member of the management team overseeing the daily operation whilst researching and developing new Kore products.



Quality Control

The Kore Skincare Quality Control System ensures that our products fully comply with specifications at each stage of the process from raw materials through to finished goods.

Samples from all material batches are sent for independent microbiological testing prior to commencing full production. Once approved a final Certificate of Analyst is completed and referenced against each batch number which is printed on the product packaging.

Our quality control system guarantees product consistency, insuring each production runs are identical.


Are Kore Skincare Products safe to use?

The industry’s regulators and the company Kore Skincare recognises and view the seriousness of skin care product safety. Whilst fully complying with specifications with local industry regulations Kore Skincare has extended its accreditation's by having all product ingredients and formulations evaluated to the strictest International EU / USA regulation collectively. All Kore Skincare products have been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of current EU and US cosmetic regulations.


Why should I use Kore Skincare product?

There are a few reasons to use Kore Skincare Products other than the obvious
“Australian Made”. Kore products are modern unique formulations that successfully and safely combines both modern science with ancient proven skin repairing history supported by a money back guarantee that cost the same as a morning cup of coffee.

What makes your products unique?

Kore Skincare products have a unique differential the scientific research conducted by our cosmetic scientist has allowed the company the ownership of the register trademarked ingredient “Kore Complex” exclusively found only in Kore skincare products.


What is the ingredient “Kore Complex?”

Kore Complex is a unique blend of, collagen peptides, plant phospholipids, natural polysaccharides and vegetable proteins, a group formulated ingredient designed to protect, and at the same time, boost the skins own defenses stimulating collagen and fibroblast production.

The individual components of Kore Complex work synergistically to provide an
overall improvement in the skin’s health and texture in both the dermal and
epidermal layers, improving surface physical appearance.


What are Peptides?

Peptides are chains of amino acids, building blocks of proteins. Collagen peptides are made up of glycine, proline, alanine and hydroxyproline amino acids, as we age collagen production naturally begins to taper off, and the quality of the collagen diminishes. In turn causing skin to lose fullness and form wrinkles the sun, pollution, smoke and other sources of free radicals also contribute towards collagen disintegration. Replenishing these constituent collagen producing amino acids are essentially needed to maintain the amount of collagen required for that healthy wrinkle free skin that we all desire. All found in Kore Skincare ingredient “Kore Complex”


What are plant phospholipids?

In plants, phospholipids serve as a raw material to produce Jasmonic acid, a plant hormone that mediates defensive responses against any disease causing agents.  Phospholipids are a favorite anti-aging skin care ingredient as it is also one of the best naturally derived actives to help maximize hydration for all skin types.


What are plant polysaccharides?

Polysaccharides are generally carbohydrates molecules (sugar) in a chain like
formation also known as starches. In plants Polysaccharides are stored as glucose, as the leaves make energy from photosynthesis (sunlight) enhancing healthy growth.  Energy is stored within the plant saved during the process as a reserve, used at night or restricted sunlight days. Polysaccharides / carbohydrates both produce energy and have a natural ability to
retain water to hydrate skin which is vital for the skin’s own defenses, stimulating
collagen and fibroblast production.


Are Kore products PH Level friendly?

Our skin has a thin, protective layer on its surface, referred to as the acid mantle.  This acid mantle is made up of sebum (free fatty acids) excreted from the skins sebaceous glands, which mixes with lactic and amino acids from sweat to create the skins pH, which ideally should be slightly acidic - at about 5.5

As we age the PH level becomes more acidity varying towards the neutral point, this can cause biochemical changes in collagen and elastin fibers production, resulting in dryness due to loss of moisture, strength and firmness deteriorate the skin begins to sag showing all the signs of premature ageing.

To maintain the acid mantle or to re-balance back to the optimum PH level involves a healthy diet and using a daily skincare routine with products that have a PH level ranging between 5-7 on the PH scale. All Kore Skincare products including both foaming cleanser and exfoliator are specifically formulated to remain in the required PH of 5 to 7.


Are Kore Skincare products tested on animals?

Kore Skincare do not agree to testing on animals. Previous test conducted on our behalf have been completed by the Chemical Safety and Applied Toxicology (CSAT Laboratories) School of Safety ScienceThe University of New South Wales. Which involves the development and use of in vitro biological toxicity methods using human skin donated from elective surgery patients. In 2006 CSAT researchers were awarded a prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prize for research which replaces the use of animals.


Do Kore Skincare use any animal by-products in their products?

With the exception of our toner all Kore Skincare products contain the benefits of bovine (cow’s) colostrum. We are proud to support our Australian dairy farmers especially in this desperate time of need.


At what age should one commence using the Kore Skincare Range?

Skin type, lifestyle, plays an important role as to when the skin requires support in form of specific active formulations. The skin’s ageing process is very individual and can be influenced by many different factors none more important than the body’s ability to produce collagen and to consistently shed and renew skin cell production.  Up until the age of 20-30 the body generally produces sufficient collagen to maintain a healthy wrinkle free skin texture. The objective is to prolong the skin’s condition with an essential routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and daily moisturising.
(Click-See essential routine)


What are the specific Kore Skincare products for mature skin?

When describing mature skin, generally we refer to moderate to severe photo
damage, skin that has lost elasticity, shows pigmentation or color patching with
obvious signs or tiredness and wrinkles. The body is at the age where collagen
production has decreased, the extended years of sun and lifestyle history has taken its toll. Time has come where a collagen boosting anti-aging advance daily routine is required.


If pregnant can Kore Skincare be safely used?

All Kore Skincare products have been assessed and found to comply with all the
current International safety requirements to EU and US cosmetic regulations.
All product use standard ingredients in conventional quantities for the normal
purposes, and can be considered to be a typical member of a category of products that rarely if ever gives rise to safety issues in the market place. Given this, it is not considered very likely that this product overall would lead to any serious adverse events under conditions of normal and foreseeable use. As a precaution we suggest that you seek advice from your pediatricians



If I have a question can I get in touch with a real person?

We provide options you can call Elizabeth direct on 03 9338 7272 or use our online email “give me a call “both options give the opportunity to speak with a person.


How can I obtain personal particular advice?

Kore Skincare conducts a three-hour, quarterly product educational functions held in specific Australian capital cities. Keep tuned to our social media and website for when a function is in your location it is the perfect opportunity to meet the the Kore team and ask our cosmetic scientist guest speakers those questions on how to maintain that healthier younger complexion we all strive for.
Alternatively we have endeavored to provide a wealth of information about each product on our website. Each product is accompanied by best-usage guidance, recommendations of complementary products as well as specific information about which skin types each product is best suited to along with a full ingredient listing.